6 Symptoms of a Failing Water Heater

It is a blustery, cold Colorado day. All you want to do is take a steaming bath or a wonderfully hot shower to relax and warm up. Turning on the water, you find it is lukewarm. Even after waiting a few minutes, the temperature refuses to raise. At this point, the tepid bath has cooled and the night is ruined. 

Polar Bear Mechanical understands how frustrating a malfunctioning water heater can be. One of the simplest luxuries in life is a nice hot shower or warm bath. When this crucial heating system is at the end of its life, you are no longer able to enjoy these simple pleasures. Do not let a failing water heater disrupt your day-to-day. 

How Does a Hot Water Heater Work?

A water heater is an example of engineering simplicity at its finest. The main components consist of a large drum filled with water and a heating apparatus. When you turn on a faucet to get hot water, it travels through this system and warms up. There are various mechanisms that each play a role in this process to keep everything functioning correctly like the numerous valves and heating elements.

What Happens When a Water Heater Breaks?

When this system breaks, it is because some component inside of it has failed. Depending on what part has malfunctioned affects how the water heater reacts. With 10+ parts working in harmony, each piece can lead to a different type of problem. 

6 Water Heater Failure Signs:

Below are six key indicators your system is on its way out:

  1. Your hot water heater is leaking from the bottom or top.

Leakage anywhere on the unit signifies a serious internal problem. Disconnecting the heater and calling a professional is the best course of action. 

  1. The water temperature fluctuates rapidly between hot and cold.

Double-check the thermostat on the system. If the temperature is where you want it, then the heating element needs to be inspected. 

  1. The amount of hot water available is sparse.

Adjusting the thermostat dial and waiting 30 minutes should solve this. If not, the whole mechanism may need to be drained to reduce sediment build-up.

  1. Your home is experiencing reduced water flow.

This is most likely due to heavy sediment collection in the unit. Have a professional descale the water heater to improve efficiency. 

  1. There are loud, irregular noises from the water heater.

Call a technician to inspect your system. It could just need to be descaled, but it could also point to larger issues concerning the heating elements.

  1. Your hot water comes out smelly or discolored.

When your hot water is coming out odorous and colored, the anode rod has most likely failed. This repair is extensive and requires a trained water heater technician.

When Does a Water Heater Issue Become Dangerous?

As this heating system is contained within itself, it is best to get yearly inspections by a water heater technician. Any inconspicuous water heater danger signs are easily spotted by a professional. Deciding to have your model examined can be the difference between a working water heater and a catastrophic explosion. If the pressure safety valve fails, the pressure will build up and explode the unit. Though this is a rare occurrence, it is still possible. 

Professional Water Heater Technicians | Polar Bear Mechanical 

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