Furnace Maintenance In Colorado Springs


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Your furnace is responsible for heating your space. If it isn’t working correctly, your HVAC system has to work harder to circulate heat throughout your home or business. It’s crucial to keep your furnace well maintained so it’s running safely and efficiently. At Polar Bear Mechanical, our team of HVAC experts provides premier furnace maintenance to the residents and business owners of Colorado Springs. We have the experience and education necessary to handle all of your heating needs. Is it time for your furnace to be looked at by HVAC experts? Polar Bear Mechanical can help!

Eva G
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My Furnace has maintenance issues that I address every year prior to winter, but this year totally slipped my mind. I called my usual heating company but they couldn’t come out so they actually recommended Polar Bear company because of their reputation so I called and their professional prompt service had my furnace fixed in no time and we were back up and running. Dylan was awesome and kept in contact with me for every step and he was a pleasure to deal with. Put these guys in my phone for any future heating issues and will be recommending them to friends and family!
Melanie C
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I first hired someone else to look at my furnace and would not respond to my messages. Wish I hadn’t paid them BUT... I called John and his team came out and fixed the job in no time!!! I definitely will continue to use them. They also installed an ac for a friend of mine and she had nothing but pleasant things to say. Very professional and will not waste your time! 💛💛💛
Rhiannon S
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Steve came out to my home today and he was absolutely amazing to work with. He was honest and upfront and even showed me how to fix something on my furnace to see that it turns on again before having someone come out. Would definitely recommend this company. Like

benefits of furnace maintenance

It’s necessary to schedule regular furnace maintenance in Colorado Springs to help keep your furnace running as efficiently as possible. Not to mention, keeping up with your furnace will help you avoid costly furnace repairs in the future. It is best to service your furnace once a year, especially before the cold Colorado winter. Plus, when you work with Polar Bear Mechanical, we’ll create a comprehensive plan to quickly tune up your furnace and get it back up and running properly. Some of the other benefits of furnace maintenance include:

Extended Lifespan

Furnace maintenance appointments involve thorough inspections and diagnostic tests. Having a maintenance appointment annually allows the Polar Bear Mechanical team to regularly inspect all the components of your furnace and make sure nothing needs to be repaired or replaced.
That results in you being able to use your furnace for a very long time, usually 15 to 20 years according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Improved Safety

Having professionals review your furnace’s safety features is one of the most important benefits of furnace maintenance appointments. When furnaces don’t work properly, they can be extremely dangerous.
For example, imagine having a faulty flame sensor. That means your furnace can be on even if there’s no flame present, increasing the risk of fire. Safety is our top priority at Polar Bear Mechanical.

Decreased Utility Bills

Regular service helps ensure your furnace is working properly. When a furnace is operating smoothly and every component is working at full capacity, your furnace can be as efficient as possible.
Efficient furnaces mean you’ll be spending less money while being able to enjoy all the benefits of a high-quality furnace. Our team can help keep your heating system running smoothly for years to come!

Furnace Maintenance FAQs

Regular furnace maintenance each year helps to make sure your furnace continues working properly. The Polar Bear Mechanical team utilizes furnace maintenance appointments to prevent any issues from occurring, making them important for everyone to schedule, whether you’re experiencing problems or not.

The experts at Polar Bear Mechanical are equipped to conduct furnace maintenance appointments any time of the year. However, for best results, consider scheduling your maintenance appointment in August or September to ensure your furnace is in optimal condition ahead of the winter months. If you’ve never had a maintenance appointment, then it’s a good idea to schedule one as soon as possible.

While every furnace is unique, a well-maintained furnace should last you between 15 and 20 years. Some of the most important factors that determine a furnace’s lifespan include the energy efficiency of the furnace, how often the furnace is serviced, and how often it’s used. If you’re curious about which furnace would be best for your heating needs, our team can help you pick out the best option!

There are steps you can take to help your furnace run efficiently in between furnace maintenance appointments. Some of these include regularly changing your air filters, cleaning the registers in your home or office building, setting your thermostat at an optimal temperature in the winter, and keeping the area surrounding your furnace free of debris.

It’s important to have a professional who thoroughly understands furnaces perform your furnace maintenance. Trying to fix or mess with a component of your furnace can actually cause more damage and result in unnecessary repairs. Let the HVAC experts at Polar Bear Mechanical handle your furnace needs!

During a furnace maintenance appointment, our technicians will conduct thorough inspections and tests to determine if any parts of your furnace need to be repaired or replaced. That includes inspecting your furnace’s wiring, testing the flame sensor, making sure your thermostat works properly, and investigating your furnace’s heat exchanger. We’ll thoroughly check for any problems — big or small.


Maintaining your furnace is an essential part of having a properly functioning furnace. You must service your furnace regularly to keep it working for as long as possible. Furnace maintenance appointments are the best defense against costly repairs and troublesome issues. If it’s been over a year since your last maintenance appointment, or if you’ve never scheduled a maintenance appointment before, make sure to call Polar Bear Mechanical today to schedule your furnace maintenance appointment!