At Polar Bear Mechanical, our mission is to build a culture of caring to provide the best value heating and cooling services on the Front Range. Ultimately, we want to be the HVAC company that everybody recommends, so we focus on quality solutions and customer service. We want every single customer we help to come away from their appointment knowing that their heating repair service will extend the life of their furnace or that they will have reliable air conditioning in the hotter months. Having the comfort of knowing that our years of experience have been put to work to solve your HVAC problems is our goal. So let us put our licensed and trained specialists to work for your home or business.
Polar Bear Mechanical LTD. Colorado Springs


Locally Owned & Operated

Our passionate team is happy to be an HVAC service provider in Colorado Springs. We want to help our local community thrive. That is why we offer feasible solutions for any budget. Polar Bear Mechanical’s goal is to grow and become one of the largest HVAC companies in Colorado Springs. Achieving this goal will allow us to bring reliable heating and cooling to the southern Colorado area and expand our expert team!

HVAC & AIR Specialists

We pride ourselves on our excellent workmanship. Polar Bear Mechanical understands that not every situation is the same, and our team customizes solutions to suit your needs. Our team is well equipped to handle all types of HVAC and air problems to keep your space comfortable. From air balancing services, indoor air quality testing, and ductless HVAC system installation, Polar Bear Mechanical is your go-to expert in the HVAC industry.


Not only do our experts have the extensive skill set required to service a wide variety of HVAC systems, but we also have the drive to go above and beyond with customer service. Our price guarantee means the price we quote is what you pay. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means our job isn’t complete until you are satisfied with our work. Our no worry money back guarantee means we’ll refund you if we can’t make it right according to the local code and manufacturer’s specifications. That’s the Polar Bear difference.

Image of entire Polar Bear Mechanical Team in office

What is it like to work at Polar Bear Mechanical?

Our passionate team is dedicated to delivering the best HVAC services possible to our customers. We believe in practicing compassion and understanding when it comes to assisting our clients. Every person’s situation is different, and we understand that. Polar Bear Mechanical’s main goal is never profit — helping our community is always our number one priority!

our core values


We care about our CUSTOMERS. We are always fair, honest, friendly, trustworthy and NEVER leave the customer hanging! We do what is right for the customer.

Each other

We care about EACH OTHER. From the top down we help each other and strive to make each other better understanding that givers gain. One person's success is everyone's success.

community & environment

We care about the COMMUNITY & ENVIRONMENT and strive to protect it and minimize waste. We put in the work today for a better tomorrow.


We care about our WORKMANSHIP. Our work is a representation of us! We always do everything right, every time.

the future

We care about our FUTURE, and invest now so we can stay successful. We can never stop moving forward, ever. 


We care about INNOVATION, and we are not afraid to try new things, adapt, and learn from our failures along the way.

having fun

We care about having FUN! We enjoy what we do, and we have fun doing it! 

Our Partners


Need HVAC or air services? Not sure what’s wrong with your HVAC unit? There is no better time to get your heating and cooling system serviced than now. Whether you need a tune-up, an inspection, or indoor air quality testing, our HVAC specialists have you covered! We are here to provide you with affordable and reliable heating and cooling services you can trust. Polar Bear Mechanical is your go-to HVAC company in Colorado Springs. Call or book your service online to get a free consultation!