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Water Heater Services in Colorado Springs

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Having access to instantly hot water from every tap in the house is something we often take for granted. Once a water heater begins to fail, little inconveniences begin to populate the day. Trying to enjoy a shower? The temperature fluctuates uncomfortably. Washing dishes? The hot water runs out halfway through. As these incidences pile up, they can affect you and your family’s quality of life. Polar Bear Mechanical’s team of expert water heater technicians can inspect, diagnose, repair, and replace faulty water heaters. Do not let water heater issues plague your day-to-day experiences.

Kim Bartkowski
Kim Bartkowski
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I had an amazing experience with Polar Bear Mechanical. Both Crystal and Dylan were friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I had no heat and Polar Bear Mechanical had me up and running again in no time! I highly recommend Polar Bear Mechanical!
Richard George
Richard George
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I called for an emergency repair on my gas water heater vent. Steve was on site in a couple of hours, and had the repair done in less than 90 minutes. Very competent guy, professional and courteous.
Jack Pettit
Jack Pettit
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First of all, you will not find a more responsive, professional and caring group of people anywhere else in the springs. From the first quote from Steve, to Juan and Derick installing our unit and Crystal at the office.. We paid what we were quoted. There were no unexpected fees or upcharges. I will be using these guys for all our hvac needs. Hard to find good work these days but these guys are as good as it comes.
Andrew Patton
Andrew Patton
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I hired Polar Bear to install an AC unit at my house. They did an excellent job and at a very competitive rate. Of the companies I researched, this company offered the best rates without compromising on quality or customer service. They followed through once the job was complete to ensure my permit was closed out with the city and that everything was installed to code.

Water Heater Specialists In Colorado Springs

At Polar Bear Mechanical, we aim to be the one-stop-shop for all of your HVAC service needs. Our water heater technicians are thoroughly trained to handle the whole process from inspection to installation. We service gas water heaters, tankless water heaters, and electric water heaters. We also specialize in tankless water heater repairs. With our dedication to quality and excellent customer service, every job is done correctly the first time. Never again will a cold shower chill you to the bone!

Melt the Worries Away Water Heater Repairs

Getting your water heater inspected yearly is key to avoiding costly replacements and repairs. A system that goes without regular maintenance fails at the most inconvenient time. However, in most cases, the warning signs that the hot water heater is going out have been building up in the unit. By being proactive and hiring an HVAC specialist to examine your system annually, the symptoms of failure can be caught sooner rather than later. Below are some common examples of a malfunctioning unit:  

Melt Your Worries Away with Our Water Heater Services

Water heater repair in Colorado Springs is Polar Bear Mechanical’s specialty. We implement years of experience to generate customized solutions for our customers. Not every issue is solved by the same cookie-cutter solution. Our team will ensure that your system is reliably heating your water by the time we are finished. 

Water Heater Diagnosing And Maintaining

When Polar Bear Mechanical helps homeowners with their water heater problems, we start with a simple diagnostic. This allows us to establish where there may be malfunctions within the system. Generally, little issues like these are easily fixed with regular maintenance. As you get in the habit of yearly inspections, problems are caught early, saving cost down-the-line.

Water Heater Repairing

After a system is inspected, it may require repair. Some repairs are simple and small, and others are large and complicated. Our team of water heater technicians will utilize their knowledge and experience to outline a plan-of-action for your specific problem. After discussing the best solution for you, they begin the process to fix the system.

Water Heater Replacing & Installation

As the water heater gets older, it begins to break-down. If a unit is over 10 years old, we recommend replacing it and installing a new one. Once a system reaches that age, repairing is costly and it is no longer practical to keep pouring money into it. Spending money on a new water heater saves you more than trying to repair a failing one.


Though the standard tank-style water heaters are the most common, many homeowners are choosing to select the tankless option. These systems only heat up the required amount of hot water, rather than the 50-60 gallons a normal unit heats. Our team of water heater specialists has trained to service and repair this style of machine.

Swamp Cooler Repair and Diagnostic

Many homeowners opt to install a swamp cooler rather than an air conditioning unit to maximize their energy-efficiency. These cooling systems require a bit more attention than AC units because they utilize evaporation to function. Our swamp cooler technicians can perform regular maintenance and winterize the unit to avoid costly malfunctions.

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Have your showers turned to ice? Snow worry! Polar Bear Mechanical is ready to help. We provide hot water heater replacement in Colorado Springs as well as comprehensive maintenance and repair services. We handle every situation with professionalism, expertise, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your gas water heater or even electric water heater is on its way out, contact us today! Enjoy hot water again with a healthy water heater!