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A swamp cooler — also named an evaporative cooler — is a machine that allows people to cool their air in warm climates with low humidity. It can be used as an independent cooling device, or in conjunction with your air conditioning system, to create a more comfortable indoor climate. Want a lower-cost and environmentally-friendly option to cool your space? A swamp cooler may just be the best decision for your home or business!

If you need a swamp cooler specialist, look no further than the best HVAC company in Colorado Springs, Polar Bear Mechanical! The experts at Polar Bear Mechanical are here to take care of your swamp cooler needs. No matter if you need evaporative cooler installation, maintenance, or repair services, our team can handle it all. Our HVAC experts will take care of everything from discussing which type of swamp cooler will be most efficient in your space to installing your swamp cooler and educating you on how it works. If you’re ready to learn more about your options, reach out today!

Yamilys R.
Yamilys R.
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Once again, this company amazes me! They originally installed a brand-new A/C unit in our home. They were super professional, thorough, explained everything to us, economical, on time, and more. It has been a pleasure doing business with Polar Bear. After they installed our new unit, we also had them service our heater. I could not be happier with their service. Do you know how I know they did a great job? Because when the inspector confirmed to us that everything was done properly. I highly recommend them to everyone.
Kerry G.
Kerry G.
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Keep up the good work, you have just gained another happy customer! This was our first time using Polar Bear Mechanical and the service was professional and definitely met our expectations. From the first contact, our needs were addressed and scheduled in a timely manner. The serviceman, Shawn B., was knowledgeable, polite and thorough. We finally feel confident having a company that has our best interest in mind. Definitely would recommend Polar Bear Mechanical to anyone looking for service and maintenance.
Ashleigh R.
Ashleigh R.
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We are very happy that we chose this company to install our new furnace and A/C. They were great, they took the time to explain everything to us and the guys were very nice and professional. I know if we or anyone else need anything in the future we would be happy to recommend them.
Vanessa M.
Vanessa M.
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We had a basement flood caused from our whole house humidifier and Dylan came out, figured out the problem and fixed it immediately. The system then had another issue and he was back out the next day to replace the other parts and explained everything. I definitely recommend this company, they took the time to get everything fixed and came back out quickly when I needed more help.


Swamp coolers are popular cooling devices used in dry climates, such as Colorado. Swamp coolers lower indoor temperatures by using an intricate system of mechanisms that includes a fan, water tank, and internal motor. In short, a swamp cooler uses moisture to cool your indoor climate.

The machine works by taking the warm air outside through evaporative cooler pads. The motor of the swamp cooler passes the outside, dry air through wet filters. The pads then cool the temperature of the air, which is then circulated throughout your space via the vent of the evaporative cooler.


The compassionate team at Polar Bear Mechanical will work with you to come up with the perfect cooling system for your space. Whether you want a window-mounted swamp cooler or a portable swamp cooler, we will handle all of your evaporative cooler needs! Before installing an evaporative cooler, keep in mind that they differ by installation location and the types of pads they use. Some types of swamp coolers include:


These coolers are ideal for smaller spaces and work best in rooms up to 300 sq. ft. They are also usually lightweight and fairly easy to move around from room to room.


As the name suggests, this type of cooler is installed on the roof and pushes cooled air downward into the desired structure.


A window-mounted swamp cooler is used for one room, such as the garage. Window swamp coolers are also called through-the-wall coolers. This is because of their specific installation requirements. When they are completely set up, the swamp cooler is on one side of a wall while the other part resides externally on the opposite side.


Side-discharge coolers can be used as a cooling system for an entire house. They’re typically installed on the side of a building where the cooled air is directed into the attic. If you prefer, this type of cooler can also be installed on the roof to direct the cooled air through an opening in the roof.


If you live in a dry climate like Colorado, a swamp cooler is a great way to cool the indoor temperature of your home or business. Evaporative coolers can be used alone or alongside your air conditioning system to make your space even more comfortable. Some of the pros of installing an evaporative cooler include:


Swamp coolers tend to be less expensive to install and maintain than other air conditioning systems. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, evaporative coolers are much cheaper than central air conditioners and use less energy.


The pads of a swamp cooler act as a filter. While air passes through, the filter removes harmful particles, such as allergens and dust. This is a considerable benefit for residential and commercial spaces, especially if you have allergies or asthma.


Swamp coolers can use up to 75 percent less electricity than a traditional air conditioning system. If you use a swamp cooler independently, or in conjunction with an air conditioning unit where you’re using the air conditioner less frequently, you should see a substantial reduction in your electricity bill.


Swamp coolers are less drying than traditional A/C units because they add moisture to the air. This can be especially beneficial if you run a business where you need to protect your materials, such as a furniture store. Installing a swamp cooler will help you maintain the quality of your goods.


If you are trying to incorporate more eco-friendly solutions into your daily life, a swamp cooler is the perfect option. Because swamp coolers use less electricity to operate, power plants emit less CO2 and other harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.


In Colorado’s dry, warm climate, swamp coolers are a great option to make your space more comfortable. They can be used independently to cool your space or with another air conditioning unit. If you’re looking for a more affordable and environmentally-friendly option for your AC, evaporative coolers are perfect for you!

At Polar Bear Mechanical, we are here to help install, maintain, and repair your swamp cooler. Our HVAC technicians have lots of experience working with evaporative coolers to ensure your device is working properly and efficiently. Not to mention, as HVAC experts, we are here to help answer any and all questions you have about your swamp cooler. Ready to find out why the people of Colorado Springs say that we provide the best HVAC services in town? Set up an appointment today and find out what it’s like to team up with a locally owned and operated HVAC company who prioritizes your needs. We look forward to working with you!