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hvac static pressure

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Static pressure is often an overlooked component of your HVAC unit. However, it plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system. Static pressure that is too low or too high in your system can cause many problems, such as air quality issues, cold and hot spots, and higher utility costs. That is why ensuring your ductwork has the proper static pressure is crucial. At Polar Bear Mechanical, our technicians are here to make sure your ductwork has the proper static pressure.
Tiffany W.
Tiffany W.
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I was never left in the dark thew out the process, by late afternoon my home was cooling off and we were up and running. If you want honest, friendly, knowledgeable and quality service that fits your budget, then POLAR BEAR 🐻 MECHANICAL Ltd is for you. we will definitely be using them for all of our future needs for sure. THANKS GUYS!!!!
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eric c.
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Dillon installed a new board for our furnace. It has been running well. He was on time and clear in what was the problem and the solution. Got it installed after getting the part.
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rhiannon s.
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Steve came out to my home today and he was absolutely amazing to work with. He was honest and upfront and even showed me how to fix something on my furnace to see that it turns on again before having someone come out. Would definitely recommend this company.

what is static pressure?

Static pressure is air resistance. According to the National Comfort Institute (NCI), static pressure is the measurement of how hard your fan has to work to move air throughout your ductwork. For example, when you have more resistance in your HVAC system, this increases the static pressure to make it harder for air to flow through. 

Knowing the static pressure of your heating and cooling system is an essential way to understand the overall health of your HVAC unit. At Polar Bear Mechanical, we can balance the air in your ductwork to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. As a member of the NCI, we have the most up-to-date knowledge of static pressure. With our air balancing services, you never have to worry about your HVAC unit wasting energy again. Our specialized technicians have the proper equipment and static pressure knowledge to make sure the air in your home or business is balanced.


Air duct systems are designed to move air from one point to another. Whether you have a large commercial space or a smaller home, you need optimal ductwork for your space to be heated or cooled correctly. When an air duct system is incorrectly designed or installed improperly, the static pressure shifts and spikes. Some reasons your system may be suffering from high static pressure include:

undersized return air

Your HVAC system has a component called a compressor. The compressor is responsible for pumping high-pressure refrigerant throughout your system. Unfortunately, if you have too little return air, your system may be forced to unnecessarily send refrigerant back to the system. If this happens long enough, it can decrease your compressor’s lifespan.

poor ductwork installation

If your ductwork is installed poorly, it can also cause high static pressure. When air ducts are sagging, bending, dipping, or have any other inconsistencies, it’s necessary to have them reinstalled or replaced to restore your system to optimal condition. In some situations, you can install a variable speed blower motor to improve the airflow.

improper air filters

The thicker the air filter, the more that air struggles to pass. To help prevent high static pressure, you can use filters with low-pressure drops. It’s important to install air filters that will properly filter your air without causing excess resistance.


You want the pressure within your duct system to be balanced. That means you don’t want static pressure that’s too high or too low. Uneven air pressure may be due to improperly sized equipment, such as a furnace that’s too small or too big.

Did you know almost half of all HVAC systems are sized improperly? The HVAC systems that have improper static pressure can’t perform to their maximum abilities. When a component of your HVAC unit isn’t the correct size for your space, it affects the entire system and can lead to uncomfortable and costly issues.


Static pressure that is too low or too high can cause many issues for your HVAC unit. Imperfect static pressure can wreak havoc on your heating and cooling system. Some of the issues that unbalanced air can cause include:


If you’re suspicious of high or low static pressure in your HVAC system, it’s crucial to have one of our HVAC technicians take a look immediately. At Polar Bear Mechanical, our certified air balancing technicians can ensure the air in your ductwork is balanced for a more comfortable home. If your HVAC unit is trying to combat improper air pressure, you’re probably dealing with hot and cold spots and increased utility bills. It’s important to make sure the total pressure in your air ducts is balanced and that airflow is optimal. Some ways to fix unbalanced static pressure include:


One of the simplest ways to fix high static pressure is to replace your air filter. When an air filter gets clogged, it’s nearly impossible for air to flow through properly. If you have a 1” filter that says to be changed every 90 days, decrease the amount of time between replacements to 30.

renovate your ducts

Each duct system is unique and built specifically for the space it’s in. So, if your air ducts don’t have enough room to carry the amount of air necessary for your space, we can renovate the system to meet your needs. Renovation may include sealing your ducts and restructuring the system.

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If you’re dealing with hot and cold spots in your home or business, a noisy HVAC system, or high utility bills, the culprit of your faulty HVAC system may be unbalanced static pressure. If you think you’re experiencing static pressure problems, it’s crucial to schedule an appointment with our HVAC professionals as soon as possible. We’ll use special equipment and our years of experience to ensure your heating and cooling system has everything it needs to function properly. As air balancing experts, Polar Bear Mechanical is here to ensure your static pressure is perfect. Ready to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system? Call us or book your service online to get started!