Who Can Save with A Heat Pump Air Conditioner System?

Heat Pump Air Conditioner System

Homeowners are always looking for ways to save, especially those with high utility costs. In many cases, the culprit to a costly utility bill is your furnace. In fact, heating and cooling accounts for 46% of the average household’s energy bill. So, if you’re tired of burning money on high utility prices, an HVAC upgrade to more cost-effective equipment may be in order. Fortunately, everyone who is eligible can save with a heat pump air conditioner system.

Using a heat pump air conditioner system can provide significant benefits for homeowners in Colorado. Many people still rely on inefficient electric furnaces or baseboard heaters, as well as traditional heating methods such as natural gas, propane, wood, pellet, or coal stoves. However, modern heat pump systems are much more efficient, offering three times the energy savings of conventional heating and cooling methods. Although some may believe that heat pumps are not suitable for Colorado’s cold winters, recent technological advancements have made cold-climate systems a viable option for residents of the state.

Heat Pump Air Conditioning System

A heat pump works much like a refrigerator. In warm weather, it uses a refrigerant to absorb heat and transfer it outside. And then it does the reverse in winter to pull heat from the outside air to warm your home. It may seem strange that a pump could extract warmth from the winter air. But even the most frigid temperatures contain some heat energy. And the second law of thermodynamics tells us that heat always goes to cold. So, when the refrigerant is colder than the air, it will absorb heat energy. Then the compressor depressurizes it to release that heat indoors. 

Do I need a furnace with a heat pump? 

No, but in many cases, it is still required or recommended as a backup heat source. When appropriately installed, cold-climate heat pumps work well in Colorado and can provide all of the heating even during very low temperatures! The most important thing is finding the right HVAC contractor that is knowledgeable about designing and installing these types of systems in colder climates and in different applications.

Lower Your Utility Bills

Homeowners with high electric bills stand to save a lot by upgrading to a heat pump air conditioner system. If your home still relies on an electric furnace or baseboard heating, consider installing a heat pump to lower your electric bills. These energy-efficient appliances can cut heating costs by 30 percent. Other methods to heat your house, such as furnaces and wood-burning stoves, create heat. Heat pumps, on the other hand, don’t generate heat on their own but only transfer it from one place to another, which is the secret behind their energy efficiency. So, let’s look at how a heat pump compares with standard heating technology.

Propane and Natural Gas Furnaces 

Central forced air heating is familiar to just about all homeowners in Colorado, as it is by far the most common heat source for homes in the state. They involve burners, heat exchangers, blower fans, and ductwork. When the thermostat triggers the burners to ignite, they burn fuel to create heat and it is dispersed through the house with forced air through ductwork. Natural gas still makes the most sense for a lot of people because of the relatively cheap price, but it is increasing quickly! The problem is that many rural areas like Peyton, Falcon, Calhan, Black Forrest, Monument, Ellicott, Yoder, and even areas of eastern Colorado Springs don’t have access to natural gas so they are forced to use expensive propane. By upgrading to a new system in these areas with Polar Bear Mechanical, most homeowners can start saving money right away with lower monthly costs, make their home more comfortable, reduce emissions from burning fuel, and get $4,400 or more back within the first year on rebates and tax credits!

Electric Furnaces

Homeowners can save big time on heating costs by upgrading from an electric furnace to a heat pump. In fact, the typical electric furnace is one of the most expensive ways to heat a home. While furnaces and heat pumps both use electricity to warm your home, the difference lies in where that thermal energy comes from. In a furnace, electric coils heat up like a giant toaster which consumes a tremendous amount of electricity. A cost-effective heat pump uses the properties of refrigerant to transfer heat which uses much less electricity saving homeowners a ton of money! The great thing about a high-efficiency heat pump is that it is also a smart system that modulates to match the heating requirements in the home so the end result is a much more comfortable home while paying a fraction of the cost of electricity. Similarly to propane furnaces, most homeowners with electric furnaces will save a ton of money. For example, let’s look at  Marcia, a satisfied Polar Bear Customer. After upgrading her equipment she saved enough money to not only cover the monthly payment but put roughly $70 per month back in her pocket and she is more comfortable!   

Baseboard Heaters

Electric baseboard heaters don’t require ductwork or central heating because they only heat the room they are in. So, they are suitable for spot-heating smaller rooms. They work by creating thermal energy through an electrical element similar to that in a toaster. Then the air absorbs the heat and circulates through the room. Just like electric furnaces, this type of electric heat is very expensive and takes a lot of energy to heat the space. 

Colorado homeowners can save on utility costs by switching from baseboard heaters to heat pumps. Mini-split units don’t require ductwork, so they make excellent retrofits for homes with baseboard heaters. For example, the Fujitsu Ductless System is easy to install and maintain. In addition, these quiet, efficient, cost-effective heat pump units provide similar savings and will pay for themselves while putting money back in your pocket.   The first thing you’ll notice is how well the fans circulate warm air evenly throughout the room. Next, you’ll see a significant drop in energy costs. 

Wood, Pellet, and Coal Stoves

Whether you’re burning wood, pellets, or coal, stoves create a rustic atmosphere that many people find appealing. Fuel goes in the firebox, where it burns in a closed environment. The metal gets extremely hot and radiates warmth into the room. Wood and pellets come from renewable resources, making them more eco-friendly than fossil fuels but still a large contributor to greenhouse gasses. Buying a cord of wood is quite expensive, and if you have ever owned a wood stove, you know how labor-intensive and messy they are. For many people, especially the elderly, the high cost plus the intensive labor of cutting, splitting, stacking, storing, and hauling wood into the house every day is just too much to handle.    

Heat pumps offer more modern conveniences than stoves. For instance, they reach precise temperatures more quickly, and all you have to do is set the desired temperature. Plus, a heat pump air conditioning system heats and cools your home. But stoves provide only heating, so you’ll need a way to cool the house in summer. Most importantly, stoves pose safety hazards due to soot, air pollution, and by-product build-up. The best part is, you can save a ton of money, time, and hassle while also being more comfortable! 

Installing a Heat Pump Air Conditioner System in Colorado

 Polar bear Mechanical is the go-to option for anyone that is looking for an experienced HVAC contractor that can not only do the work but can simplify all the nuances and show how much money you can expect to save and what the break-even period is. Anyone can benefit from upgrading to more cost-effective heating solutions; however, homes that are heated with expensive propane furnaces will benefit the most. The best thing is, you can have your cake and eat it too! That’s right, not only will you save a ton of money in the long run, you can save money right now all while being more comfortable in your own home and reducing your carbon footprint! Polar Bear Mechanical is here to make sure that you have the best upgrade possible while taking full advantage of cost savings rebates and paybacks. So don’t delay and take control of your energy costs today! Call Polar Bear Mechanical to learn more or schedule a free in-home consultation today.

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